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While we have to admit that there's just not a lot of options for proper gravel riding in Singapore, did you know that there's a simple 10km "gravel" loop around Bukit Timah Nature Reserve? Well, parts of it are gravel, and the rest are a mix of dirt trails and public asphalt roads. Its a decent ride, with a good combination of small climbs, technical descents and flat gravel sections plus if you go during off-peak hours, its pretty empty. Read on to find out more, or if you prefer, we've also put a link to the entire loop on Google maps for easy...

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We were getting bored of the usual route that we usually take up to Kranji Way. Then, we remembered one of our rides that we did a few months back on our Bromptons that took us right to the water's edge at Sembawang Park. I had been eager to test out a new handlebar bag, a 3L Sahoo (pictured below) that retails for around $25.  The idea was to see how many beer cans & sandwiches we could stuff in it. Took the usual route up Upper Bukit Timah Road -> Mandai, and veered off Ulu Sembawang PCN, linking up...

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